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At Indiana Audiology we take pride in offering the most current products and services. If you or someone you love has a hearing problem, you can be assured of the highest level of hearing care. We consistently give caring and compassionate hearing healthcare to individuals and their families in our community and provide cutting edge hearing technology appropriate to the lifestyle needs of our patients while creating the best value possible.

Sara Webber, owner and licensed audiologist Dr. Webber works diligently to keep abreast of the latest innovations in hearing technology through continual training to bring you the best fit for your hearing loss. She is professionally, ethically and personally committed to providing excellent care in a timely and caring manner to all members of our community.

We are located on Water Street by 10th. Contact us via phone at (724) 471-3203 to set up an appointment and come see us!

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Services Offered

Hearing Aids

We offer a wide range of devices that provide exceptional comfort and sound quality. Are you looking for hearing aids that are invisible when worn? Or feature the latest wireless technology that connects to your television or cellular phone? Are you looking for devices that are easy to handle and feature long battery life? We can help.

Hearing Aid Accessories

Indiana Audiology offers a variety of accessories including ear plugs, dehumidifiers and assistive listening devices. Assistive listening devices are meant to be used either with or without hearing aids depending on your hearing needs and can include phones, alarm clocks and wireless TV systems.

Hearing Screening & Testing

If a hearing loss is suspected, an appointment with one of our certified Audiologists should be made for the purposes of testing and evaluation. Testing is painless, comfortable and safe.

Hearing Loss Treatment

Hearing is our most critical sense when it comes to our ability to communicate, and even small degrees of hearing loss can have profound effects on how we interact and connect with others. Being separated from that ability not only has consequences for our social lives — it can have physical effects, as well, that can detract significantly from overall health.

Since most hearing loss develops gradually over time, it can be difficult to know how well you are hearing now compared with how well you used to hear. Only an accurate hearing test can reveal if you are having difficulty with specific sounds, and if so, how you might be able to hear better.

Tinnitus Treatment

Tinnitus is a medical condition characterized by persistent ringing in one or both ears that can only be heard by the affected individual. It has also been described as whistling, hissing, buzzing, or pulsing in the ear. These sounds may come and go, but for most tinnitus sufferers, the symptoms produce a constant, maddening drone.

In many cases, the distressing combination of tinnitus and hearing loss can be relieved with hearing aids provided by our tinnitus specialists. Specially engineered hearing aids are now available, and they can restore ambient sounds and help fill Sound Voids™ to eliminate the effects of tinnitus.