We love our patients — and we want them to love the care they receive!

Our goal is to make sure every one of our patients has a fantastic experience with our hearing care providers, and that each gets the results they really need. Whether it’s something as simple as a hearing consultation or as impactful as a full hearing aid fitting, making our patients happy is what we’re here for. See what they have to say about our practice!

Virgil McConnaughey
Virgil McConnaughey, Patient Since (2012)

"Having gone to multiple name-brand chains for the past 27 years, and spending in excess of $20,000, and having never felt they were able to improve my hearing to my satisfaction, I can't thank Dr. Webber and her group enough for restoring my faith in hearing aids. I have received honest and truthful facts about my hearing. I have been well informed on the latest technology, how it works, and why it should improve my hearing. I must admit, I was very skeptical about buying another set of hearing aids, and I told her so. I was informed that I had 75 days to make up my mind. It only took one week for me to know I had come to the right place. They have been very patient with me and have made every effort they can to eliminate my problem. I highly recommend Dr. Webber and her group to solve your hearing problems."

Dale Lydick
Dale Lydick, Patient Since (2011)

"In August 2011 while taking my physical for work, it was discovered that my hearing was bad. My hearing is an important part of my job. I contacted Indiana Audiology, and after doing their hearing test and seeing on the charts how bad my hearing was, they set me up with AMP hearing aids. These aids have helped me hear more clearly and also helped hear things I didn’t realize I wasn’t hearing. They also helped save my job."

Russell Jones
Russell Jones, Patient Since (2012)

"For some time I was having problems hearing conversations over the telephone and in crowds, and I was always asking people to repeat themselves. It got to a point I hated to go out in crowds or talk on the telephone. Then one day I decided to do something about it. I heard of a place in Indiana called Indiana Audiology that could help with my hearing problems. I called and made an appointment. When I got there, the reception was overwhelming and friendly. My appointment was with Dr. Sara Webber, who made me very welcome and comfortable. Dr. Webber put me through extensive testing in different noise environments while explaining each step thoroughly. I was very impressed with Dr. Webber and her knowledge in this field.

I was very apprehensive in wearing hearing aids, but Dr. Webber fitted me up with hearing aids that were very comfortable and almost invisible to the eye. Of course, listening and understanding what other people are saying is the biggest benefit to hearing aids.

The staff was very cordial, friendly, and most of all very professional. I highly recommend Indiana Audiology if you are having hearing issues."

Darlene Graham
Darlene Graham, Patient Since (2012)

"The audiologist and staff at Indiana Audiology have taken excellent care of the needs of both my father and I. Several months ago I encountered a sudden hearing loss, and Indiana Audiology recognized the potential severity through testing me. They acted quickly with the care options available, and my hearing has been restored! While experiencing the sudden hearing loss, Dr. Webber and her staff were very accommodating and very patient.

My father recently purchased new hearing aids from Indiana Audiology. The staff and audiologists treat the elderly who are dealing with hearing loss with patience and compassion... it is phenomenal!

Indiana audiology pays close attention to every detail and has gone above and beyond our expectations. My father and I appreciate their dedication and know that they will continue to monitor our ongoing needs as time goes on! Indiana is very lucky to have their services available. We are extremely pleased with their service and we know you would be too!"

Hal Wingard
Hal Wingard, Patient Since (1994)

"Super service with a friendly and knowledgeable staff providing high-quality technology. I have worn hearing devices for nearly 20 years, and the AGX9 I currently wear is the best."

Phyllis Humphreys
Phyllis Humphreys, Patient Since (2012)

"In restoring my ability to hear, you have given me back my life! Having been a teacher for over 40 years, I have always been involved with people — especially talking with them. After several years' hiatus of not having the ability to interact with people, I can now do that again! Thanks to you folks who have worked so professionally with me!

My special appreciation goes to Dr. Shearer, who worked so carefully and patiently with me as she adjusted my custom-made hearing aids again and again.

And finally, my daughter in-law Margaret, who comes from Virginia to take me for all appointments, has become so impressed that she says she will return to Indiana Audiology for help if she loses her hearing."

Janice Starry
Janice Starry, Patient Since (2006)

"I am very pleased and satisfied with the quality and comfort of my new hearing devices. Because of an allergic reaction I have to some of the materials, Dr. Webber and I had to try several different types of devices. The professionalism, concern, and fortitude that Dr. Webber demonstrated was outstanding. She and her staff have been very pleasant to work with, and they have shown every kindness. I would highly recommend Indiana Audiology for all of your hearing device needs. If you want the best devices for you, give them a try."

Debby Rowe
Debby Rowe, Patient Since (1995)

"Let me start my testimonial with the words: 'We all need to value our hearing because you don’t know how very much it means until you suffer with severe hearing loss.' I understand how frustrating, embarrassing, and difficult it is being a person with a hearing deficit. I have worn hearing aids for years and have always had Indiana Audiology help me with my problem. Last December I was fortunate enough to win new aids through Indiana Audiology with the help of my family and friends. They are much better than my old ones and have the latest technology. Needless to say, I was extremely grateful and cried with joy the day I found out that I had won.

Since that day, I was called immediately and set up with an appointment at Indiana Audiology with Dr. Sara Webber to have a new hearing test done and molds made for the new ones. I have never had such caring, patience, and true concern from a doctor and staff to help me with my needs. They assist me when I have any kind of problem and make it right. Their only goal is to restore as much hearing as physically possible for me. Since getting these new aids, I have heard sounds that I thought were gone forever. I can now hear the television and talk on the phone with ease. Dr. Webber has introduced me to devices that connect with my phone and television to help me with this. Dr. Webber and Indiana Audiology have opened a whole new world for me again, and I am becoming more and more comfortable and confident when talking or listening to people again.

I used to have my husband answer for me in a lot of situations and make my phone calls. Now I can do it myself again. Nothing can compare to that feeling of more independence. Most important is hearing my husband, grandchildren, family, and friends so much better. My world has been opened up again. I feel like I am a part of conversations and can interact with everyone. There are not enough words to thank Dr. Sara Webber and her staff for their expertise and true caring. I hope that you will seek them out if you are in need of hearing aids — they can make your life better! Thank you!"

Jack Kramer
Jack Kramer, Patient Since (2014)

“I attended an expo in Indiana and talked to an associate. I explained my circumstances. I didn’t purchase my hearing aids at Indiana Audiology and wasn’t satisfied with them. I quit wearing them since I didn’t hear any better. Dr. Webber’s associate told me that Dr. Webber could help me. Indiana Audiology provided a luncheon where Dr. Webber gave a presentation. I then made an appointment. My first appointment I went through extensive testing. I had my hearing aids adjusted and went through a two-week trial period. During my second appointment, more adjustments were made. I can now hear things better, including my granddaughter and favorite TV show. I wear my hearing aids everyday, which has definitely made my life better. I found the staff to be very professional and knowledgeable. Dr. Sara Webber performed all testing and explained every procedure. She is dedicated to helping her patients and wants life to be better for them through better hearing.”

William Walker
William Walker, Patient Since (2013)

“Many thanks to Indiana Audiology for making the purchase of hearing aids such a pleasant experience. Dr. Webber and the staff could not have been more cordial or professional. My home and social life have improved since receiving my hearing aids. The TV is now used in a normal range, and I don’t have to keep asking others to repeat themselves. My hunting experiences have also improved. Before, it was impossible to hear all the sounds that make for a successful trip in to the woods. Now, with just a few moves on my iPhone, I can program my hearing aids to this particular situation (especially true for spring gobbler hunting). Dr. Webber showed great patience and technical knowledge in order to provide a satisfying experience. The fit and performance of my hearing aids have worked well for me. Because of the above reasons, I have been very pleased with my experiences with Indiana Audiology.”

John Mundorff
John Mundorff, Patient Since (2014)

“I am 65 years old, a retired coal miner. After all those years of working around heavy equipment, my hearing loss was greater than I could have ever imagined! Thankfully, Indiana Audiology came into my life, and it’s amazing to hear sounds that have been gone for so long to me. Thank you, Indiana Audiology!”

Judy Doles
Judy Doles, Patient Since (2014)

“At first I was in denial that I was missing key words. I was misinterpreting conversations, especially in group settings or with a soft-spoken person. I would try to ‘guess’ what was said, and often I was wrong. I tended to be quiet because I was concerned I would not have an appropriate response. My daughter suggested I make an appointment with Dr. Sara Webber. After that first test, I was given an example how much easier it was to hear when I was fitted with two hearing aids that were designed to help me with my specific hearing loss. Gradually, I learned to be more in the moment when speaking with others. It made conversations with others a joy instead of an unpleasant stress. Another good side effect from wearing hearing aids is that I do not experience so much of a loud ringing in my ears. It was amazing how Dr. Webber and her computer analyzed my needs; now I feel better connected again. I have fewer times of asking, 'What?' I am now ready to openly share my story with others.”

Bernadette Hilliard
Bernadette Hilliard, Patient Since (2014)

“I first realized my hearing getting worse about 5 years ago, but I didn’t want to deal with it then. I kept putting it off, thinking I may get improved hearing anytime. But it didn’t. My television was on so loud that people had to sit in our dining room to listen to it. I am independent, but my husband started to order my meals in a restaurant because I wasn’t going to hear the waitress talking. I couldn’t hear our priest talk in church. Across the room I had to ask my husband ‘What?’ just in casual conversation.

This year I finally decided to get this rectified. I chose Indiana Audiology because my son referred me because he had experience with people who had gone here, and he nagged me every day about making an appointment. He wanted me to hear my three little grandsons playing and talking in their playroom. I also heard the ads on our local radio station. I cried at my first appointment because I couldn’t hear the audiologist testing me for a lot of the sounds in the test.

Well, things have changed. I got fitted for my hearing, and I can now hear the sounds of my grandsons playing again. People moved back into my living room to watch television. I now order my own meals at a restaurant. This made me think and feel, ‘Why did I put this off?’”

Barbara Spanella
Barbara Spanella, Patient Since (2006)

“Hi, I’m Barbara Spanella, and I won Indiana Audiology’s Hear Better for the Holidays contest, and I would like to share my story with you. For the past few years my hearing has gotten progressively worse. I became a total recluse. I no longer could hear the priest at church. I couldn’t go out to lunch and enjoy being with my friends. I wouldn’t hear the clerks in the stores. I couldn’t watch TV and couldn’t enjoy being with my family. More and more I just stayed at home by myself. I would have a feeling of dread when I had to attend a function I couldn’t get out of going to. God bless Indiana Audiology and everyone that voted for me. Dr. Webber is so good, thorough, and patient. She never rushed me and always paid attention to my concerns. They give you a trial to see if the hearing aids suit you. She keeps adjusting until you hear perfectly. Thanks to Indiana Audiology, I can hear again and rejoined the human race!”

Joyce I. Cochran
Joyce I. Cochran

"I have been a patient with Indiana Audiology for a while. I am an experienced hearing aid user. The big benefit I received from my new hearing devices is that I can hear my four grandchildren. I provide care for them, along with my son, and hearing their voices is very important to me! It made my life easier! Dr. Webber’s thorough examination and assessment of my hearing loss gave me the insight to try the new technology she offered. I had a 75-day trial period that measured my satisfaction. I was assured my money would be returned if I was not satisfied. Along with Dr. Webber, her staff also offers professionalism and a true sense of care. I am confident that Dr. Webber and her staff will be there to meet my needs for now and in the future."

Anna May Charles, a.k.a. Sissy
Anna May Charles, AKA Sissy

"My hearing problem was I couldn’t understand clearly what was said on the telephone and the spoken word on TV. At my first appointment with Dr. Webber, I understood that I could be helped. From then on, my experience with Indiana Audiology has been very satisfactory. Adjusting to my hearing aids has been an easy process with the directions and help from the staff. I would encourage anyone who suspects they have a hearing problem to have it checked out at Indiana Audiology and see how they can also help you."

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D.G., PA

After years of struggling with tinnitus that disrupted my sleep, blurred my concentration at work, and led to an overall sense of frustration throughout my day, I finally decided to visit Indiana Audiology.  The constant ringing made every conversation a struggle and using my cell phone or trying to follow a discussion in noisy environments felt almost impossible.  That’s when I found this incredible audiologist, Sara Webber.

From my very first visit, Sara and her staff treated me not just as a person, but as a family member.  They were committed to understanding my struggles and went above me with a hearing device that has truly changed everything.  The ringing in my ears has significantly reduced, allowing me to finally enjoy a good night’s sleep.  My concentration levels during the day have improved remarkably, making my work life much more manageable.  Conversations over the phone and in busy settings are no longer a source of stress, but rather an enjoyable part of my daily life.

I cannot express enough gratitude towards Indiana Audiology and their team for the care and support they have provided me.  They have not only enhanced my hearing but significantly improved my quality of life.  I highly recommend them to anyone facing similar hearing issues.  Their expertise, coupled with their warm and caring approach makes them stand out in their field.

B.D., PA

Great experience! Dr. Webber is very informative. Gave me more information of my diagnosis of Meniere’s disease than my ENT. Office staff is great. Feels like home!! No complaints.

David Sobolewski, PA

Getting hearing aids was the best thing I have done. This has helped me so much with my wife and our conversations. I can hear phone conversations and TV sounds much better. I can hear sounds I couldn’t hear before. Indiana Audiology and Dr. Webber and staff have provided me with a great product, a professional staff and great service. Don’t wait, get your ears tested.

If you enjoy hiking, leisurely walks in the woods, and listening to birds, hearing help is recommended.

Missing out on activities like the ones mentioned above can rob you of enjoying everyday life.

My experience with hearing help has been 99.9% beneficial. I’ve been very pleased with the product and services provided.

– Michael Steffish
When you’re as old as me, you lose your hair and your hearing. I can’t do anything about my hair, but I can do something about my hearing. I went to Indiana Audiology and they did they trick! I can hear things that I missed, like people talking to me without me having to ask, ‘What did you say?’

R.L., of Indiana, PA
“Focusing generally on the quality of service and expertise provided by Indiana Audiology, restoring my hearing to what it once was, to a large degree, seems to have energized my mental alertness, reawakening my imaginative perception and enhancing both meaning and experience (sound-enhancing sense, a “poetic stimulus,” if you will).”

A. Ludwig
“I love my new hearing aids from Indiana Audiology.

What a difference in my life! For years, my wife constantly told me, “Turn the TV down!” Now, she has to tell me to turn it up so she can hear it.

I can have a normal conversation without asking people to repeat themselves multiple times. I enjoy talking on the phone again.

But one of the biggest reasons I wanted the new hearing aids was I was tired of deer sneaking up on me in the woods. That doesn’t happen anymore! Now I can hear the leaves rustling and the deer grunting.

Indiana Audiology changed my quality of life for the better.”

Paul Ben-Zvi
“Dr. Webber continues and expands the excellence of Indiana Audiology. She provides a sensitive and highly individualized service that includes the newest and best technologies with the commitment to “go the extra step” to provide the best fit for her patients’ needs. I recommend Indiana Audiology with enthusiasm.”

F.G. of Robinson, PA
“Well, I think all of the people at Indiana Audiology are very nice and friendly. They explain everything you need to know. They take the time with a person no matter how long. If I know anybody that needs a hearing aid, I would recommend Indiana Audiology.”

K.J. of Blairsville, PA
“Office Staff is phenomenal and have worked with me for appointments, and have made my experience enjoyable.

Dr. Shearer is an angel!! She has gone over and above what I ever expected to help me adjust to this new lifestyle and to work with me to perfect my hearing. She supported me with the vanity issues a “young” woman may have.”

G.K. of Homer City, PA
“Never realized how personalized you all have been. My appliance is so discreet and functional, to say the least. Thanks for presenting this amazing hearing aid to the senior services. Perhaps another visit will convince others, I DO NOT hide mine in the drawer. I wear it before I put my glasses on and then all day long.”

C.H. of Homer City, PA
“Having a strong technical background (mechanical engineer with a Professional engineer license in the state of PA), I am impressed with the knowledge, technical tools, and skills of all those who helped me at Indiana Audiology. Their efforts made my transition to improved hearing extremely easy.”

M.S. of Indiana, PA
“Great place to go, the best service every time I go there perfect!”

R.J. of Summer Hill, PA
“I am very satisfied with Indiana Audiology. The people there are very friendly and most of all they are all professional. They helped me understand what my hearing problem was and provided a solution to resolve it. The testing that was performed on me was very extensive, putting me in different scenarios like noisy locations and quiet locations, just to mention a few. Other hearing tests only put me in a room and I pointed to the ear receiving the sounds. I am very impressed with Indianan Audiology and would highly recommend them to others.

Thank you for giving me my hearing back and special thanks goes to the staff of Indiana Audiology for their professionalism.”

G.E. of Indiana, PA
“I hated the thought that I would have to wear a hearing aid. But the doctor was very nice and explained that many people wore them and were happy. I am glad I finally got one and realized there were a lot of sounds that I missed hearing — one was that I could not hear my cat meow. The doctor was a very nice lady and answered all my questions, and took a lot of time with me. I never felt rushed and she was very patient.”

J.S. Cherry Tree, PA
“I am very satisfied with my new hearing aids. Sometimes I even forget they are in!”

E.B. of Blairsville, PA
“I was referred to Indiana Audiology by my PCP because of some hearing loss.
I am able to hear some things a lot better at school working with the children, church, and my work as a cashier.

I found the staff to be very courteous when I called and also the doctors in the explanation of how the hearing aids were working.

Thank you, Dr. Webber, for all your help, and also Dr. Shearer!”

C.M. Indiana, PA
“I was very concerned about my hearing problems, but from the first day I went to your office I felt comfortable and at ease. The explanations were clear, and Dr. Webber was very patient and clear in all the steps. Finally I had my hearing aids. The following sessions were accurate and the small problems were solved. I’m really happy with your dedication and the professional way you always showed.”

R.B. of Avonmore, PA
“The new hearing aids are simply divine! I can’t believe what I have been missing. I heard the TV without using my headphones, and I heard my cat for the first time. Good job!!”

J.T. of Indiana, PA
“My Experience at Indiana Audiology was a pleasant surprise. Five years ago I was fitted with hearing aids by another firm and they were a total failure. My currant aids have reduced the ringing in my ears and improved my overall hearing. I can even hear the wife 3 rooms away with the TV and radio playing, maybe a good thing or not. The staff at Indiana Audiology has been courteous, professional, and helpful with all my questions about maintenance and use of the hearing aids. Before you commit, check them out, I think you will be impressed. I was.”

G.T. of Indiana, PA
“For over 2 decades I have had Indiana Audiology fitting me with hearing aids. Not only have I been impressed by their professional competency but also their sensitivity to the struggles those of us with hearing loss face. Whenever I have had a problem with my aids they promptly work to solve the problem. As you can tell I am delighted with the service and with Donna’s replacements Sara and Kristin. I highly recommend Indiana Audiology.”

P.C. of Westover, PA
“I see ads on TV for different companies and I think to myself I picked a good place.”

M.M. of Indiana, PA
“The doctors at Indiana Audiology helped improve the quality of my life by recommending I use hearing aids. I enjoy life more now, and I am optimistic about the future, thanks to the great staff at Indiana Audiology.”

J.C. of Blairsville, PA
“Recently I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Webber and the staff at Indiana Audiology, Inc. I found them to be very professional and friendly. I learned many things about hearing and how hearing and the brain work together.

After a few weeks I decided I just wasn’t ready to adjust to the new hearing aids. My money was returned and my insurance company was reimbursed.

I highly recommend Dr. Webber and Indiana Audiology, Inc. and know that should my hearing problems become worse in the future they will be there for me.”

A.B. of Indiana, PA
“I got hearing aids about 8 months ago. The day I got them my husband and I stopped at Martins grocery store for bread. My husband went in the store and I stayed in the car with the car window down. I could hear all this noise. I could never hear the people walking to their cars — something I could never hear before. I could never hear the water running from the spigot and it was so good to hear the rustling of the newspaper. I could go on and on. I now realize I missed so much in life because I waited until I was 83 years old to get hearing aids. My whole life is changed for the better.”

D.R. of Northern Cambria, PA
“The staff has been great and very helpful, whether ordering batteries or other things. They are courteous and informative. My mother is 85 years young and they are both patient and understanding of her needs.

The hearing aids are a great addition. She is able to hear and communicate with not only her children and grandchildren but also in social situations. It’s hard to explain to people that you’re not ignoring them but you simply cannot hear them.

Thanks Dr. Webber and all the staff.”

E.Z. of Creekside, PA
“I can’t say enough about the help I have gotten with my hearing aids.

Everyone is so pleasant and willing to offer assistance. I am so thankful I came here. No one referred me, I just looked in the phone book, and I am so-so glad I did.”

E.S. of Indiana, PA
“We want to thank the staff of Indiana Audiology for their concerns with my hearing, as I have a very severe hearing problem. I was born without a nerve of hearing. That is why I really appreciate what Donna and staff have contributed to my engagement of hearing.”

L.G. of Clymer, PA
“Thank you for providing excellent service. I have always been treated with care and consideration. I recommend Indiana Audiology to anyone who needs hearing aids or other services related to hearing.”

R.H. of Indiana, PA
“Prior to my 70th birthday, I had noticed that I was having difficulty in hearing in different environments, and this caused frustration on my part and also with my spouse. I was attempting to put off having my hearing tested, and possibly prescribed hearing aids, because of past experiences with my father and father-in-law and all the problems that he experienced with his hearing aids. Plus, I also read a recent article in the AARP publication regarding various problems with hearing aids. But, a good friend of mine had recently acquired hearing aids at Indiana Audiology and he was totally happy with them. This made me make an appointment with Indiana Audiology for testing and then acquiring a pair of AGX hearing aids. Dr. Sara Webber and the professional staff at Indiana Audiology were extremely helpful in helping me to adapt to using these hearing aids. I have found them to be very easy to use, and how easily they adapt to all sorts of activities and environments. I would have no problems, whatsoever, in recommending anyone who feels that they are having difficulty in hearing in various activities and environments to contact Indiana Audiology for a hearing test and possibly acquiring the AGX hearing aids.”

M.H. of Homer City, PA
“I can’t begin to express how thrilled I am with the technology used to help people with hearing problems. I knew I was having trouble with comprehending what people were saying, and after having my hearing tested and being fitted with these wonderful instruments, I know I was not going daffy!

The staff at Indiana Audiology is wonderful. They are so patient and they explain what is going on with your specific problem.

“Thank you” seems so simple — but it is very deeply sent from me. And did I mention the staff? Friendly and — the best!”

S.F. of Indiana, PA
“I recently purchased a new set of Starkey hearing aids.

I am extremely pleased with them, so much so I found myself in the shower wearing them. I was concerned about the new aids getting wet. I dried them well and they worked fine.

I hear very well with them while talking on the phone or listening to the television. They are very comfortable.”

N.K. of Indiana, PA
“My new hearing aids have made such a difference in my life. Thank you for all your hard work testing, analyzing, recommending, fine-tuning, and helping me to learn to live comfortably with the changes the aids have made in my life. It is wonderful to be able to hear and understand so much better what people are saying in my presence. I am able to participate more fully now in group activities. Before I got the new aids, I was gradually deciding that I needed to withdraw and isolate myself more and more because it was so frustrating missing so much of what was going on around me.

As you know, in addition to the normal program, I have a “crowd” program that allows me to eliminate extraneous noise when necessary, a “telephone” program that makes using the phone easier (and I think works as well with my computer headphones), and a “mute” program that allows me to turn the aids off without having to remove them from my ears.

One of my favorite additions is the SurfLink, which wirelessly projects sound from my television directly into my hearing aids. That makes watching movies and programs much more pleasant. It also allows me to listen to my favorite classical FM radio station anywhere in my house through the television with wireless streaming from my Internet connection. I happen to live in a dead area for radio reception, so I am often unable to get a clear signal for any stations on a radio in my house.

This has truly been a life-changing experience for me, and I am very happy that I decided to come to you for help and to buy the new hearing aids.”