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    We recognize the importance of hearing loved ones and physicians in this difficult time and are here to serve the community. To keep our offices safe for our staff and our patients, we are announcing several changes to our procedures for the foreseeable future.

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Sara J. Webber, Au.D., FAAA

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Our patient-centered approach allows us to focus on satisfying your hearing care needs, whatever they may be. Our practice will work with you to diagnose and find solutions for your hearing and tinnitus concerns using state-of-the-art equipment and the most advanced technology. Because our focus is entirely on you and your health, coming to Indiana Audiology means that you’ll experience patient care that is specific to you, with exceptional follow-up care that ensures your hearing needs are being met.

Indiana Audiology wants you to be satisfied with your care. We are a local, independent, community-oriented practice. Our services are fully guaranteed, meaning we are committed to listening to your concerns, and your technology is always perfectly fit to renew your world of hearing. A strong patient-provider relationship based on honesty, integrity, and values is what we strive for, and we feel that this is the best approach to making sure you don’t miss any of the precious moments in your life.

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The team at Indiana Audiology is dedicated to making the most out of your experience with us. We have a caring staff, state-of-the-art technology, and a variety of services to help change your life.

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Patient Testimonials

Read what other patients have had to say about the staff and service at Indiana Audiology!

  • Anna May Charles, a.k.a. Sissy

    "My hearing problem was I couldn’t understand clearly what was said on the telephone and the spoken word on TV. At my first appointment with Dr. Webber, I understood that I could be helped. From then on, my experience with Indiana Audiology has been very satisfactory. Adjusting to my hearing aids has been an easy process with the directions and help from the staff. I would encourage anyone who suspects they have a hearing problem to have it checked out at Indiana Audiology and see how they can also help you."

    Anna May Charles, AKA Sissy

  • Joyce I. Cochran

    "I have been a patient with Indiana Audiology for a while. I am an experienced hearing aid user. The big benefit I received from my new hearing devices is that I can hear my four grandchildren. I provide care for them, along with my son, and hearing their voices is very important to me! It made my life easier! Dr. Webber’s thorough examination and assessment of my hearing loss gave me the insight to try the new technology she offered. I had a 75-day trial period that measured my satisfaction. I was assured my money would be returned if I was not satisfied. Along with Dr. Webber, her staff also offers professionalism and a true sense of care. I am confident that Dr. Webber and her staff will be there to meet my needs for now and in the future."

    Joyce I. Cochran

  • John Mundorff

    “I am 65 years old, a retired coal miner. After all those years of working around heavy equipment, my hearing loss was greater than I could have ever imagined! Thankfully, Indiana Audiology came into my life, and it’s amazing to hear sounds that have been gone for so long to me. Thank you, Indiana Audiology!”

    John Mundorff Patient Since (2014)

  • Dale Lydick

    "In August 2011 while taking my physical for work, it was discovered that my hearing was bad. My hearing is an important part of my job. I contacted Indiana Audiology, and after doing their hearing test and seeing on the charts how bad my hearing was, they set me up with AMP hearing aids. These aids have helped me hear more clearly and also helped hear things I didn’t realize I wasn’t hearing. They also helped save my job."

    Dale Lydick Patient Since (2011)

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